Friday, March 25, 2011

24 Month Checkup

Height - 33 1/4" (35%)

Weight - 23 lbs, 8 oz (9%)

Tori is doing great (of course, except for eating...I kind of dread most meals). She is speaking in full sentences, will often ask for other family members or friends, specifically Gracie and Sarah. She can almost count to 10, although she often skips 3. She remembers songs and will randomly start singing a song. She loves giving hugs and kisses, which she will follow with an "I lol you!"

Her allergies seem to be status quo. She still has very dry spots on her skin, mostly her hands, but it has gotten way better. But being picky and having a small population of food to pick from can make meals just dreadful sometimes. And she is SO emotional! If she suddenly sees something she wants, it's the end of the world until she gets it instead of just asking. We're workin gon it and she is getting better.

Potty training isn't really happening. She just switched daycare rooms and they put her on the potty every hour and a half. She doesn't love it yet, so I'm not pushing yet at home. But I think she's getting closer to being ready. She is starting to tell us when she goes and sometimes even seconds before she does go.

We had a great birthday party complete with bounce house. I was worried we'd have to spend the whole time in the bounce house with her, but after a few minutes, she took to it like a champ! I'll post pictures later.

Ok, all for now!


Just took the side off of Tori's crib (with the mattress on the floor for Min and my sanity tonight). She was super excited. Hope it goes well tonight! One step closer to moving her into her new room with new furniture. Wonder how the morning is going to go...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

21 Month Checkup

Since her 24 month check up is in 3 weeks, I am WAAAYYY late at updating you on Tori's 21 month check up. Here we go!

Height - 32 inches (40%)

Weight - 21 lbs, 9oz (8%)

Since it was so long ago, I can't recall exactly what was going on then. So in lieu of the usual post, I'm just going to share some more pictures from that time!

Halloween. Tori was Boo from Monsters Inc.

Tori totally eating that rib all by herself!
Trying to ride a tryke, but she can't reach the pedals when they are down. Gives us quite a workout!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's getting better

Tori has been incredibly picky lately. Which isn't easy given her diet is so limited to begin with. It has been very hard to make sure she is getting everything she needs. This weekend, though, we had a HUGE breakthrough! Tori has not really been a fan of meat. She eats chicken nuggets and hot dogs. Oh and sometimes turkey lunch meat. Hardly meat products. But of course, we always offer it to her. And she chews and chews and we think she likes it. Then she spits it out. But this weekend, during the gator game, I was eating wings. She crawled up in my lap and asked for some. She ate it and asked for more! Then crawled over to Min's lap and kept eating!! Yay!!! So I'm already thinking ahead to dinner this week to see what we can make.

Prior to tonight, my Asian baby has not liked rice. Weird, right? We were at a Chinese restauarnt tonight, and she loved it. We put some in front of her with a fork and she ate it!! Yay!! She had a hard time with the little grains of rice since it wans't very sticky, but we're going to try chicken and rice this week.

I feel like we really turned a corner this weekend.

AND, she went up the ladder of the bouncehouse at Kaitlyn's party (with the help of Ella) but slid down the slide by herself. AND rode a rocking horse that we've had for about 6 months that we originally had to move to a different room because she was petrified of it. What a weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18 Month Check-up

Tori's 18 month check-up.

height - 31 1/2 in (50%)

weight - 20 lbs. 15 oz. (8%)

milestones - Tori is a little chatterbox. Let's count how many words she can say. Mommy, daddy, Titi (Tori), up, down, please, thank you, hi, bye, night night, kitty, and others I'm sure I'm missing. She can recognize and say the sound that many animals make. I said last check up that her blowing kisses was the cutest thing ever. That was until she started to try jumping. She thinks she's jumping but her feet clearly don't leave the ground. So freaking cute. She's getting better at feeding herself with utensils, although not perfect yet. The food issue is still the food issue. (See previous allergy posts and problems below.) She has all of her teeth with the exception of her last 4 molars and her hair is growing like a weed.

problems - sigh...allergies. Although the allergist said milk was fine per the skin test, our pediatrician suggested taking it out since she's not as better as she should be. So now she is wheat, egg, soy, and milk free and gets zyrtec every night and a rub down twice a day with various lotions. It's quite a challenge, but we're dealing. I think her skin is way better than it was before, so that makes me happy.

OMG! I almost forgot the singing! She is developing quite the passion for song. Especially head shoulders knees and toes and baa baa black sheep. She makes me smile with every thought of her. :) I love my baby girl.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who knew? 2

We had a recent windfall! After doing some research (that I probably should have done earlier) I found out soybean oil, soy oil, and soy lecithin are all ok for soy allergies since they don't have the soy protein. This adds back a handful of products and at this point, I'll take anything I can get!

Eating as a family

Please tell me how old your kids were when you were able to all eat the same meal as a family. Tori is now 18 months. She eats ok. She eats basic kid things. And she used to try new things. I know eating together is important, and with my new job, it's easier for me to cook dinner so we can all sit down and have a real cooked meal, which I love. With her allergies, I've been adjusting recipes and trying new things (with trial and error, often in fail), but she just won't try things. Am I trying to do this too early? I feel like now we are suffering with the above mentioned fails and all for nothign when she is not even trying it.

So should I continue to make egg and wheat free chicken cutlets (rice flour and buttermilk), wheat free broccoli rice and cheese casserole, and wheat and egg free meatloaf in the hopes that one day she will join us or cook things the way I know how to cook them and re-visit this later?